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I love documenting joy in a way that will be timeless. I've always been a sucker for love stories, so any opportunity where I can help foster a real life love story sends tingles up and down my spine. 

I'm also the girl that bought all of her high school year books, even though I looked like a total dork in the ninth grade. Past fashion choices aside, I'm a huge believer in photographing life. I believe that everyone should be able to look back on their memories and relive the moment without being distracted by fads or trends. I know I can capture your joy in a timeless way so that it becomes more than just a photograph, but also an heirloom and legacy.

I am so excited to meet you! I love staying in to watch movies with takeout, serving at our Christian church, and traveling to new places. Scroll to learn more about me!

Heirloom crafter. Story teller. 

Who I am

serving clients as a wedding photographer in Cape Cod, boston, and worldwide

I create heirloom images that dazzle, wow, and transport you and your family and friends back to the magic, beauty, and love celebrated by all on your wedding day. I am a firm believer that the birth of a family should be both celebrated and honored for generations. 

When you look back at your wedding images, you will see soft, intimate romance that instantly reflects how just how in love you are. From your engagement to your wedding day, I capture your story so that it's always simple, easy, and joyful when you look back at the memories that started your family.

Wedding Photographer in cape cod and boston

What I do

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now for the fun stuff

Fast Facts

I read... like a lot, a lot. In 2023 read 94 books!

Favorite places to read? Really anywhere. I love winding down reading in my bed... on my phone. (I know, the horror! The blue light! Someone come arrest me!!). But I also read when I'm eating, when my kids are playing, when I have to stand in line. Basically if I have even a few moments, I'll be on the Libby app sneaking in a few paragraphs. It's like my own version of drugs, and I will not apologize. 

People should be valued, loved, and celebrated so that future generations can do the same

Your legacy should be valued and loved

Make room for the epic veil sweeps, stunning sunsets, and elegant florals. You won't regret it in the end

Romance is always in style

Sunsets create magic unlike anything else — and they should always be enjoyed.

Sunsets should always be enjoyed

Who you are and what you stand for should be honored in your wedding photography

Your soul should be in your pictures

Moments big and small should be celebrated, captured, and cherished.

YOUR FaMILY should be celebrated

What I believe

Ready to chase that feeling with me?

Intimacy. romance. legacy