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Two years ago, my mom and I had the honor of meeting Jaimy because of a small group called Embrace Grace. Embrace Grace is a group that churches all throughout the country, and now the world, host in order to support young, single mommas about to have a baby. Volunteers from these churches, like my mom and me, sign up to love on these amazing women as they are about to bring new life into the world.

Fast forward to 2019: Jaimy completed Embrace Grace at our church, and her amazing little boy, Ace, is now two. TWO! Where does the time go? Jaimy–it was an honor to get to know you back then, and it is an honor to capture your memories now. You are one of the strongest, most determined mommas I know. You work hard to provide for yourself, your baby, and your sweet doggy, Pearl. You stick with your job, no matter what challenges they throw at you. You’re a super hero!

To everyone else: here are Ace and Jaimy. You’ll love them, just like I do!

Learn more about Embrace Grace!

Northboro Church of Christ’s Embrace Grace Group

Framed picture taken by Anastasia Grady