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Blackstone River and Canal State Park Maternity Session

If anything makes me happy, it’s definitely a fall shoot! I love the vibrant oranges and reds, but during this session I discovered that I also love finding a pile of neutral leaves! I fell in love with the earthy feel of this shoot, and hopefully, you will too. ☺️

Now that Julia and Preston have announced the news themselves, I can share their amazing pictures here! I didn’t feel like I was working at all–this family is too adorable. Julia and Preston already have one little boy named Julian. I am sure that when they add their next little miss or mister, she or he will be just as cute!  Julian was a bit shy during the beginning (totally normal!), but Mom and Dad were prepared. After a few snacks, we were able to make the magic happen!

I love the family pictures with everyone playing in the leaves. I hope I can snag a few shots like these next year of my own little family. Can you imagine the littlest baby peeking out from the leaves?! I’m already dying over here! ? Seeing Julia and Preston with their baby and sensing their love utterly convinces me that this next baby will be so, so loved. Julia and Preston, I know you’re going to be the most amazing parents, times two! Congratulations again!

And thank you so, so much for trusting me to stand exactly so under a tree, and to go in the crazy long grass. Us photographers can make pretty weird suggestions, but it’s because we have a vision in mind. Your family definitely made mine come to life!