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Boston Public Gardens Elopement – Meaghan & Aidan

Memorizing lines and stage fright may not be the typical set up for romance, but it sure worked out for Meaghan and Aidan! These two lovebirds met in their high school drama class, and they’ve been together ever since. They attended neighbor colleges as they both pursued their passions. Not too long after graduation, Aidan decided to pop the question in Iceland–romantic, right? Except for the part where Aidan lost the engagement ring!

Meaghan, being the absolutely amazing bride that she is, still said yes when proposed to with lava rocks. Fortunately, Aidan was able to find the ring, and these high school sweethearts tied the knot in front of their family and closest friends in a DIY elopement at the Boston Public Gardens. After capturing the memories from their ceremony, I had the honor of posing this sweet couple in their first few moments as husband and wife! This resulted in lots of squealing from me. I mean, how could I not?! You’re about to see how happy and excited Meaghan and Aidan were! Their happiness definitely shows in their pictures!

This elopement was even more special for me because I went to Simmons with Meaghan! We both were English majors together. And then, we both went through the same Masters of Arts in Teaching program together! We’ve had our share of challenging classes, crazy English department parties, and student teaching woes and shenanigans. So to see Meaghan take this next step with her best friend left me in awe of this real life fairy tale!

To Meaghan and Aidan–I wish you two the absolute best! Dillon and I cheer for you daily, and we know that you two have what it takes to make a marriage last. I hope you’ll always laugh with one another. Your ability to be true companions for each other is evident, and I think that’s the glue that holds a relationship together.

To everyone else–enjoy this amazing couple in the best city ever on the most gorgeous October day! This Boston Public Gardens elopement really is something else. You’re about to see the evidence of some real life magic happening!