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Christine Hazel Photography Best of 2020

2020…Need I say more?!

It’s an understatement to say that this past year was challenging. For the first time in my life, I think everyone, regardless of their country, beliefs, education status, or income, experienced hardship. We’ve all felt the pain of walking through a global pandemic. Us Americans also faced old racial tensions bursting to the full attention of the media and another dramatic election cycle. Like everyone else, I have so many opinions on this past year. Truthfully, though, I don’t want to re-hash any of it.

As I look back for my own silver linings from 2020, though, I do have to say that there are several! I’m still in the midst of spending unprecedented time at home with my husband. What married couple in their 20s would get this gift of extra time before the pandemic?! In addition, I’m so grateful that Dillon and I discovered back in July that we are going to be parents! After several months of planning, our family is definitively growing! I’m upgrading from being a cat mom to a mom to another living being, which is crazy!

My business grew this year as I photographed my own weddings and elopements as well as had an absolute blast second shooting for some of my new photography best friends! I upgraded my camera gear! Financially, my business grew, in spite of the many, many challenges and rescheduled events of 2020. I have all of you to thank for that! It truly means so much that you all chose to invest in me even when the world was dark, scary, and uncertain.

Thank you all for an amazing year of business! Truly, being able to create some happiness and art in the middle of this chaos helped me keep my head up. I’m so honored to participate in real life fairy tales and preserve so many important memories, especially now.

Before you scroll, please also check out these amazing women that are also running top-notch photography businesses! I wouldn’t be where I am today without them!

Jenna of Adventures and Vows does exceptional work with couples seeking to do adventure elopements! She’s also an all around amazing photographer! She did my 5 year engagement session, and I know I’ll treasure those photos for the rest of my life. Jenna–thank you so much for inviting me to one of your Cape Cod weddings! You’re a dream to work with!

Stephanie of Stephanie Berenson Photography does stunning work for couples–including engagement sessions and weddings! Stephanie is the perfect balance of laid back and perfectionist! At your wedding day you’ll feel relaxed, but you also know that Stephanie is hustling like crazy to document everything to perfection! I can’t wait for our upcoming weddings in 2021!

And last but not least, Morgan of Morgan Hope Photography also gives her all for her couples for engagement sessions and weddings! Morgan is the human being version of sunshine, and her attention to detail is at the masterpiece level. She’s also the world’s best hype girl, so any couple that works with her is bound to have a great time! I also can’t wait for our upcoming weddings in 2021!

Enjoy my favorites from 2020!