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He’s Here! Redlen’s Nursery

I can’t believe that we reached the moment where I get to click this post over to “live”!

Dillon and I learned that we could expect a boy way back in October!! Ever since then it’s been an amusing challenge to keep the news to ourselves! I’m the type of person that loves to plan ahead. I knew that for me, personally, I just had to find out at our anatomy scan! Our family and friends argued with one another on how they just knew we were having a boy or a girl. Well, Dillon and I chuckled since we knew who was right and who was wrong. I highly recommend finding out what you’re having and then keeping it a secret! We had an absolute blast. ?

While everyone busily polished their predictions, we worked hard on transforming one of our guest bedrooms into a nursery! I’m not a decorator by any means–most of my walls still need to be painted and have pictures hung on them. We kept most things simple, but this is definitely one of my prettiest spots in my entire house!

Our cat, Rumplestiltskin, is convinced that we re-did this room just for him! He loves to sit under the tent–what we’re calling our “cozy corner,” and paw any feet that walk by. Rumple will quickly learn how wrong he is about who the room is for, but we’re hoping he’ll transform into a great cat brother.

I guess our theme ended up being more forest/mountain. Truthfully, I wanted neutrals, and then when we picked out wallpaper I just fell in love with the misty forest look. We added a few touches that are personal to us. The otter and puffin are animals that we saw on our trips to Scotland! While we technically didn’t get to see the Loch Ness Monster, we also visited Loch Ness. You could convince me there is something living in the crazy depths of that lake, so we added a Nessie to the collection. We hope you enjoy our little corner of baby land as much as we do!