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Julianne’s Bridal Shower at Chatham Bars Inn

So, when I say that I have the best clients…I mean that I have absolutely the best clients! Julianne hired me to shoot her bridal shower at Chatham Bars Inn on my birthday. Can you think of a better way to meet a client? ☺️?

When Julianne and I first chatted, I heard all about her love story with her sweet fiancé, Brendan. Both Julianne and Brendan adore Charleston. They visit the city at least once a year. On what Julianne thought was just a regular trip, Brendan arranged for them to get engaged with an antique car, surrounded by an amazing grove of trees. Brendan even hired a wonderful photography to perfectly capture the moment! If that isn’t the perfect engagement story then I don’t know what is!

Julianne and I chatted on the phone to discuss all the details of her bridal shower. As you’ll be able to see, Julianne’s theme is “Something Blue,” which couldn’t be more stunning. She had southern food in order to share a bit of Charleston with everyone else. Many members of Julianne’s family pitched in to help with decorations and the favors. It’s so clear that Julianne’s family is equally excited for the upcoming nuptials.

But from that point on, this bridal shower only got sweeter. First, and most important, Julianne has the kindest heart. As Julianne greeted her friends and family with the warmest smiles, biggest hugs, and a face beaming with excitement, it was just plain obvious how much Julianne values those around her. Even though it was Julianne’s day, she wanted to hear about how everyone else was doing.

As you’ll also see below, Julianne has the BEST facial expressions. Her animation and good spirit are contagious! I couldn’t help but smile and even laugh as she opened up each gift.

And finally, you’ll see that everything is just plain gorgeous. When you have a bride with such a giving heart, all the pretty things are just a bonus. But they’re a fun bonus. ? Congratulations to Julianne and Brendan! Thank you for including me in your real life fairy tale! And thank you to Chatham Bars Inn, the amazing hotel that provided this gorgeous room, tasty food, and amazing service.

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