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Larz Anderson Park Fall Senior Session – Nellie

Has anyone else already ordered their body weight in Starbucks pumpkin spice cold brews? No? Just me? Well…Fall is HERE, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! The crisp nights, sweaters, tall boots, apple crisp, pretty leaves. Ugh–what more can someone want?!

This past weekend I had the honor of taking my “mini-me”, Nellie, to Larz Anderson Park for her fall senior session. We were on the hunt for glowy light, lots of laughs, and some fall colors to spice up the background. Larz Anderson, New England weather, and Nellie did not disappoint! Even though the park was quite busy, we were able to make it look like we had the whole place to ourselves. And as you’re about to see, Nellie is the most adorable model ever. So, of course the pictures turned out amazingly!

I first met Nellie when she started attending a sister church after moving halfway across the country from Iowa! The transition from the Midwest to New England is obviously a huge one. But Nellie has handled this massive life change like a champ. I got to know her when I was her Christian camp cabin counselor, and then a lot more during this past year. It turns out that we share many, many similarities, so it’s nice to have a younger version of you that agrees on almost everything. ? Nellie works extra hard at school. Want proof? She’s already taking college classes, even though she’s still in high school! Her after-high school plans aren’t solidified yet, but I know that no matter what she decides to do, she’ll be amazing at it!

To Nellie–I’m so, so proud of you! Thank you for letting me play with my camera and capture this big moment in your life. I secretly hope I always get to be the one holding the camera at all of your life milestones so that I always get to cheer you on.

To everyone else–enjoy some amazing fall colors and the cutest senior ever!