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Navy Blue Couples Portraits at Wellesley College

It’s hard to know where to begin writing when you know a couple like Dillon and I know Ryan and Neziah. First, Ryan and Neziah are my brother and sister in law, so we naturally spend a lot of time with them. But even before I married into the Murphy clan, these two were weaved into my life long ago.

Ryan is the first Murphy I became friends with since he started going on youth group trips before everyone else, and I was a youth group leader’s daughter, so I started going on trips before I was technically in youth group (you have to save on babysitting, somehow!) We’ve traveled all over the Northeast together more times than I can count. I may have been the worst navigator Ryan’s ever worked with…just ask him about the time we spent over $50 in tolls, just arriving to Staten Island, thanks to my genius map reading skills. I’m available to be anyone’s road buddy, free of charge, but you’ve been warned! Ryan has always been my friend, and then he turned into a very welcome third wheel once Dillon and I started dating. But when Ryan and Neziah started dating, we lost our third wheel and gained double date partners.

Like Ryan, I’ve known Neziah for a long time, too. We became friends at church camp, and for anyone that’s a Christian, regardless of your denomination, you *know* that everything important in life starts at church camp. Neziah and I have talked about relationships and become close friends as we took classes together, cabin counseled together, were trapped in a 15 passenger van traversing half of the country together, and become sisters-in-law together.

Now, Ryan and Neziah are nearing their second wedding anniversary (woohoo!) and working on their own love story. They’re never, ever boring, which leads to lots of laughing, in real life and at a photo shoot. These two will eat just about any food and travel just about anywhere for a great experience or time with their family. They were flexible at their photo session and willing to try anything, so we were able to create some fun memories together. I hope you all enjoy these pictures, and these two, as much as I do!