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Navy Boston Seaport Senior Session

Cam Jam. Cameroon. Cam Man. Cam. Everyone I know has a nickname for Cameron, and I think that’s because one of Cameron’s gifts has to be loving the people around him well.

Dillon and I had the honor of watching Cam grow up. We’ve helped out at VBS, taught him in Sunday School, and been some of his youth group leaders, so naturally as time progressed we’ve become closer and closer to Cam. We can tell you all about his love of basketball, fantasy football, and impeccable restaurant and dish recommendations. We (read me, since Dillon doesn’t cry in public all that much) can get a little teary eyed laughing about the pre-teen in our class telling us about how he went to bed so late and wouldn’t be able to pay attention that day, with so late being 9 PM on a Saturday. Or about the time that we (read me) almost got Cam re-grounded for driving to Chick-fil-A for an after youth group milkshake.

But the coolest part has been that Cameron (Cam Jam, Cameroon, Cam) became our friend. The old soul in our class that could barely stay awake grew up into quite the conversationalist, church sports teammate, fellow Chick-fil-A junkie, and buddy for watching Super Bowls. Wherever Cameron ends up next year to study physical therapy we know that we will be missing him so much, yet cheering for him so loudly, even if he can’t always hear it. We’re so proud of you, Cam! Thanks for letting us be your bonus family members, and for letting me take your senior pictures. How did you get so old?