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Quick Central MA Maternity Session

As we entered March, my sister-in-law realized that she barely had any pictures of her pregnant with her second little one…so we had to change that before it was too late! Of course, I was happy to help! The only problem was that it was BELOW FREEZING when we took these pictures. ? Ryan, Jillian, and Marcus were total troopers as we braved the wind in order to document the upcoming birth of their second baby and new little brother or sister, respectively.

I always love when my clients are willing to do just about anything to capture a memory! I know that freezing weather is not the most enjoyable thing–I’m freezing out there right along with you! But sometimes, a few minutes of chill are worth it to make sure that important seasons in your life are documented! The power of photography is that we get to pause time and capture moments that will outlive us and become treasured heirlooms for our families forever.

Ryan, Jillian, and Marcus, thank you so much for letting me help pause time for you, even though it was a very quick pause based on the weather. I’m so excited to meet my new niece or nephew!

His little face is just too cute to handle!