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Tower Hill Engagement Session – Kathrine and Garth

This seems to be the summer of fields and flowers for me, and I’m not sad about it! I had the honor of meeting up with Kathrine and Garth at Tower Hill for their engagement session. I actually went to school with Kathrine from fourth grade to senior year. It’s so cool to see someone that you grew up with find love, and then for that person to include you in their story. What an honor!

Kathrine and Garth met in college at RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute). They both share a love of ballroom dancing, which fascinates me! If I tried ballroom dancing, I am 100% confident that it would not be graceful or elegant. ? Fortunately for everyone, though, Kathrine and Grant are great at dancing! They even busted out some poses for me, and I think they look incredibly adorable together! I might have to try and steal some of these poses for my other couples in the future.

And, Kathrine and Garth also get bonus points for driving out to see me–they live about 6 hours away in New York! I’m so glad that we could spend time together at Tower Hill, which is also their wedding venue. In May, hopefully with lots of tulips everywhere, they will tie the knot and celebrate the next step in their love story. I’m so honored that I’ll get to be there celebrating with them and documenting all along the way.

To Kathrine and Garth–thank you for humoring me with all of my silly suggestions! I had a lovely time with the both of you! I can’t wait to see you both again in a few short months. And to everyone else–enjoy these pictures. Be sure to keep an eye for how we sneakily incorporated Kate’s dress as a background. I will have to keep that little trick in my back pocket for future sessions because the end result turned out so well!

Tower Hill Engagement Session Tower Hill Engagement Session Pergolas Tower Hill Engagement Session stairs Tower Hill Engagement Session The Limonaia Tower Hill Engagement Session Mossy Steps