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Couple kissing in Boston seaport

After Your Engagement Photos in Boston | Boston Engagement Photographer

Let me know if this applies to you: you’ve spent hours planning your engagement photos in Boston, between browsing online for outfits, analyzing photographers, texting your friends for ideas…but have you thought about what happens after?

And no, I’m not talking about getting back the images. Because that’s a given. But what are you going to do immediately after your engagement photos?

If you’re about to answer go home then EHHHHN. You buzzed in wrong.

Believe it or not, jail, right away.
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I’m just kidding, you can stay!!

But let me level with you. You’ve just spent hours of your life planning these engagement photos in Boston. And it will be worth it. Your babies will ogle those images. Your mom will display them in her home. They’re going to be your guestbook for your wedding. 

And yet, after all this effort, you’re about to just…go home. Not even celebrate all of the hard work you just put in. 

Your hair and makeup looks perfect. You’re in a perfectly coordinated, romantic, and yet not too matchy-matchy outfit with the one you love. You need to go out and make the most of this opportunity!

Couple popping a champagne bottle at Fan Pier Park in Boston during their engagement photos

What I’m proposing: extend your Boston engagement session and turn it into a full on date.

I’ve broken down my list of potential date ideas for after your engagement photos in Boston by category, so you can browse which ones work best for you:

Couple snuggling in front of blossoming plum trees at Harvard's Arnold Arboretum during their engagement photos

The Oldies But Goodies of Boston dates:

Depending on how familiar you are with Boston, or if you just love these quintessential moments, here’s what I suggest.

-Catch a game of whatever’s in season. Celtics Tickets, Redsox Tickets, and Bruins Tickets all make epic options for an extended date night. And if you ask nicely, I can help coordinate our session time to match a game schedule 

Mike’s Pastry. I’ve met people from the middle of nowhere Nebraska (sorry not sorry to my Nebraska folks. I said what I meant) that have heard of Mike’s Pastry. It’s not an original idea; but it is a delicious one. You could even settle the debate of which cannoli is actually the best: Mike’s,  Modern’s, Bova’s. Try them all!

-Visit The Museum of Fine Arts. They’re open late on Thursdays and Fridays. I mean, can you go there and look at the mummies and not have a good time? I can’t. 

-Visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. As a double shark from Simmons, I can’t help but love Isabella Stewart Gardner. She made the best nextdoor neighbor. This is such a beautiful museum, and of course iconically Boston thanks to the art heist. 

View Boston. See all the sights! Even if you’re a local…how often do you really look at Boston like this?

Couple kissing during their engagement photos in Boston's Seaport district

For My Boston Book Girlies:

Can you imagine yourself buying new additions for your ever expanding TBR pile and sipping lattes? This sounds like the best date ever to me! I double checked, and all of these spots are open late:

Trident Booksellers and Cafe

Beacon Hill Books and Cafe

Hummingbird Books (lattes not included, but you can grab one close by)

The Main Branch of Boston Public Library. This could also be an Oldie But Goodie…but really it’s the prettiest place ever so it has to be here somewhere.

Couple hugging and leaning against a wall at Fan Pier Park during their Boston engagement photos

For my Boston artsy people:

The Boston Ballet and/or Broadway in Boston and/or whatever’s playing at one of our gorgeous theaters

This is probably a very hot take, but after I paid an obscene amount to see Hamilton on Broadway, got yelled at by a bathroom attendant to pee faster (I had been in there for less than 10 seconds, but thank you) and sat in a tiny, cramped theater, I never wanted to go somewhere that wasn’t in Boston. At least that way I can pee at home. I’ll have my art and culture come to me from now on.

The Blue Man Group, House of Blues, and The Boston Conservatory are also all contenders. 

Boston Harbor skyline at sunset representing Boston engagement photography services

For Boston Foodies

Listen, let me tell it to you straight. Most of my time in Boston was spent as a college student on academic scholarship. I was not balling on a budget. I was eating campus food and reading until my eyes rolled out of my head. There was no budget for me, hah! And as much as I love Simmons, you don’t want to eat there.

So I’m outsourcing what looks to be an amazing food list for you here if you need some idea.

So whatever suits your fancy, pretty please do something fun after your engagement photos in Boston. Live it up. Create an epic story to share with your loved ones some day when they look back at your photos.

There’s so much more you can do. I’ve lived at most an hour outside of Boston for my entire life, and now I live even closer, and there are so many opportunities to go see crazy things all the time. For example, I can’t decide if I want to do a Codzilla tour or a Boston mob tour more. I definitely want to do both, though.

And, if you still need a Boston engagement photographer, I’m your girl! You can inquire with me by clicking here.

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