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Bride and groom smiling at the camera as the wedding veil blows in the breeze

Why Do Brides Wear A Veil? Cape Cod Wedding Photographer

After you’ve said yes to the dress, you might be shocked as other questions start popping up. Now you get to decide on shoes, accessories, a hair and makeup look. Looking at all of your options, it’s completely normal to ask yourself, “why do brides wear a veil?”

There are some super traditional reasons, but honestly? I don’t think you’ll care about those. I don’t. And doing things just because people have before you probably isn’t your jam if you’re anything like me. 

While I can’t speak for everyone, I’m going to explain 3 reasons why you should wear a wedding veil from a photography standpoint. These are legitimate, artistic reasons that go well beyond tradition. So let’s dive in!

Wedding veils add texture

Bride and groom laughing underneath a wedding veil

Due to their fabric, wedding veils add a textured yet soft look to your wedding ensemble, which then adds texture to your wedding images. This is a great thing!

Texture helps provide more depth in photography. If everything in an image looks the same, it comes across as boring. If you look at beautiful images on Instagram, you might start to notice that it’s the different textures that make them so interesting.

Take a gorgeous beach sunset for example: the tumbling waves, grains of sand, and layers of pink clouds in the sky are all different textures that invite your eye and cause you to linger on the image. 

Think of your wedding veil the same way. The tulle fabric is another layer that will help to create beautiful, heirloom images that you and your family will enjoy for years to come, both from the love they represent and their artistic beauty.

Wedding veils add lightness and brightness: Why do brides wear a veil

Bride laughing with bridesmaids as they hold her wedding veil

If you’re drawn to light and bright photography like I am, you’ll appreciate this point!

If you want your final images to have a light, bright, and romantic feel, you need to make sure to include lots of things that are light and bright! This sounds simple, but it’s a big deal.

A wedding veil can strategically be used to lighten up a backdrop that might otherwise be more dark and heavy than you’d hope for. As an example, perhaps there’s a gorgeous ray of sun peeking through some trees, but of course, with trees come tree trunks. A veil can be artfully used to cover those darker elements.

When working with me, I will be paying extra attention to small details like these since the final results are huge! It’s not something that you have to try and pay attention to yourself. But when I have a veil to work with, it gives me a bit extra secret sauce to work with.

Wedding veils add movement: Why do brides wear a veil

Bride laughing over her shoulder as her wedding veil blows in the breeze

I’m a total sucker for when a veil is pulled in front of the bride or the happy couple and you can see all of the lines that form as the veil pulls in the wind.

Those lines just add some extra oomph to the image since they draw your eye right to the subject. That’s why these images are so breathtaking!! All of the movement just embodies romance. I can’t explain it beyond that, but I think you’ll agree when you’re looking at my examples!

Some other important things to keep in mind:

You don’t need to wear the veil for the entire wedding day

Bride looking back at camera as she walks away

Some brides may be on the fence about wearing a wedding veil since they believe it will be another piece of their wardrobe to maintain for the entire day. If you want to pick and choose when you wear your veil, you actually can!

Veils are quite easy to put on and take off without ruining your hairdo. Promise! I do this all the time for my brides! So if you want a veil for just the ceremony and portraits, that’s actually a simple thing to do. That way you get all of the main photography benefits and you can still dance the night away without a bunch of tulle trailing behind you.

Veils come in many different styles, so you can find the length that works best for you!

Close up of hand holding a wedding veil

I’ve made even fingertip length veils fly in the wind during portraits, so I can accomplish a lot no matter which style you choose.

I do prefer longer veils, but you don’t need to be the next Kate Middleton or Priyanka Chopra with your veil length. But… if you do want to recreate the iconic Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas with the longest veil ever flowing in the background portrait… I. Am. Your. Girl. That image by Jose Villa is one I dream about.

Image Credit: Jose Villa. Just in case you didn’t know the epic moment I dream about.

You can also wear something called a cape veil, which most brides don’t seem to know about. If you’re particular about things in your hair, a cape veil can be the perfect solution! They typically clip on to your dress straps. I find them so enchanting! Like a traditional veil, you can pop these on and off as well.

There you have it! Three, non-traditional yet arguably more important reasons to wear a veil on your wedding day. Have I convinced you? Will you be wearing a veil at your wedding? Let me know!

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