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Couple holding hands and kissing on the beach Gloucester, MA

Wingaersheek Beach Engagement Photography

Wingaersheek Beach aerial view during sunset

Thinking Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester, MA is the perfect spot for engagement photos? Well, you’re in luck friend! I absolutely agree, and I’ll help you prepare for the dreamiest engagement session you could hope for!

Want to see my work at Wingaersheek Beach?

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Aerial view of rocks and ocean view Gloucester, MA

Why is this beach my favorite?

When you think of your favorite beach, you probably consider the softness of the sand, how big or small the waves are depending on your preferences, and its location.

For photography, though, I have different standards.

If you haven’t noticed all ready, I’m in love with sunset skies. Send me those cotton candy colors each and every day, please!

But the problem with waiting for that ultra romantic light is that it’s short lived. And as your photographer, I ensure that you have a full gallery, even as we wait for the skies we’re dreaming of.

I love Wingaersheek because it has three unique options for pictures, which is a rare treat for beach photography!

I often start with the path through the dunes so that we have some pictures with beach grass. Then, I try to get in and out of that area quickly since there are often bugs. Be sure to pack yourself some bug spray!

After, I love heading to the rocky section of the beach. We can hide behind the larger ones and still get water pictures when the sun is high.

And once the sunset arrives, we take full advantage of that lit up sky!

Man picking up woman and kissing her on the beach

Where is Wingaersheek Beach Located?

Wingaersheek Beach is in Gloucester, MA and part of the Cape Ann peninsula.

I always use 232 Atlantic St. Gloucester, MA 01930 for the address, and it brings me to the right parking lot.

Rocks on Wingaersheek beach during sunset

How much is parking at Wingaersheek Beach?

At the time of this journal entry, weekday parking is $30, and weekend parking is $35. If you enter the parking lot between 3-6 PM there is a slightly reduced fee since it’s the end of the day.

Wingaersheek Beach, as well as several of the other beaches in Gloucester, have an online parking reservation system. You will need to purchase parking in advance in order to head to the beach during daytime hours. You can access their online system, Blinkay, here!

Blinkay also has an app for easier access:

iOS Blinkay here

Android Blinkay here

Please note–after 6 PM, the parking system expires, so for those hoping for a photography session, parking ends up being free!

Man picking up and kissing woman by the ocean waves at Wingaersheek Beach

Does Wingaersheek Beach have bathrooms?

There are bathrooms available during normal beach hours, which range from 9:00 AM to 6 PM.

At the time of this journal entry, there are also porta potties available in the parking lot. I know they aren’t everyone’s favorite option, but they do exist!

Are dogs allowed at Wingaersheek Beach?

During peak beach season, dogs aren’t allowed on the beach.

If you are hoping to include your dog during a session, we’ll need to schedule between October 1 and April 30.

Rocky shoreline and coastal homes in Gloucester, MA

How big is Wingaersheek Beach?

Wingaersheek Beach clocks in at 0.6 miles in walking distance.

There is a huge expanse of sand during low tide. So, during the day, everyone will be able to find a spot, especially with the parking reservation system in effect.

When your session is scheduled around sunset, there will still be others around, but it’s easy to make the pictures look like we had the beach to ourselves during the week. On weekends the beach tends to stay fuller longer, so I highly recommend a weekday visit instead.

Couple standing and laughing in water at Wingaersheek Beach Engagement session in Gloucester, MA

Can anyone go to Wingaersheek Beach?

Fortunately for us, Wingaersheek Beach is open to the public! There is a specific section of the parking lot for Gloucester residents, but with planning, anyone can head on over to the beach!

Aerial shot of Wingaersheek Beach showing sand, the ocean, and coastal homes

How do I schedule engagement pictures at Wingaersheek Beach?

I’m so glad you asked! To get started, please fill out my inquiry form, linked for you here. Once I receive your message, I’ll reach out with next steps.

I hope that all of your Wingaersheek Beach questions were answered! If you think of something not on my list that you need to know, please let me know! I’d love to help you out.

Until next time,


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