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Top Locations for Cape Cod Engagement Photos | Christine Hazel Photography

I’m sure you can’t stop wiggling that new shiny diamond on your finger! I’ve been married for over 8 years, and I still catch myself looking down at my own engagement ring from time to time. And now you’re here because you can’t wait to figure out the top locations for Cape Cod beach engagement photos! Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

For the past five years, I’ve captured and curated love stories all over Cape Cod. While there are so many top locations for Cape Cod engagement photos, I’ll let you in on my favorite locations.

Mayflower Beach in Dennis, MA

Sunset at Mayflower Beach in Dennis, MA Cape Cod

Mayflower Beach is either well known or one of the best kept secrets on Cape Cod depending on whom you ask. Located squarely in the Mid Cape, Mayflower is a beach that will always have my heart. When the tide is out, it feels like you can walk forever. 

Mayflower tends to have gorgeous sunsets, which is why it is perfect for a Cape Cod beach engagement session! My couples tend to share my love for romantic portraits with cotton candy skies as a backdrop. If the weather cooperates, Mayflower definitely provides a punch of color.

Husband looking at wife at Mayflower Beach in Dennis, MA Cape Cod
Husband and wife hugging at Mayflower Beach in Dennis, MA Cape Cod

Chapin Beach in Dennis, MA

Sunset at Chapin Beach in Dennis, MA Cape Cod

Chapin Beach is actually minutes away from Mayflower, on the same stretch of shoreline in Dennis. Since they’re so close, they share many of the same benefits!

One special perk about Chapin Beach that makes it a top location for Cape Cod engagement photos is that it’s much quieter than Mayflower. So you can still enjoy an epic sunset while having even less people around. Win win!

Bass Hole Boardwalk in South Yarmouth, MA

Bride and groom kissing Bass Hole Boardwalk South Yarmouth, MA Cape Cod

Nestled in South Yarmouth, the Bass Hole Boardwalk is perfect for a Cape Cod engagement session!

If you’ve seen pictures of a boardwalk on Cape Cod, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ve been looking at Bass Hole all along.

The boardwalk has that quintessential Cape Cod look, so it is a staple. But I also love it for the little paths through the beach grass. These paths provide excellent sunset colors while making it look like you’re ensconced in the marsh…all without ruining the natural beauty of the environment.

The Boardwalk is definitely popular at sunset. You can still achieve gorgeous pictures then. But if you’re hoping to have the place mostly to yourself, I actually recommend a sunrise engagement session!

Hardings Beach in Chatham, MA

Located on the waters of the Nantucket Sound, Hardings Beach is a top location for Cape Cod engagement photos due to the paths throughout the sand dunes. 

I love having more than one backdrop for beach photography since it just adds a little something extra to your final gallery. At Hardings, we can start in the dunes, but then end down by the water.

The sand dunes are actually tall enough to help block some sun, so they are amazing for the start of your Cape Cod beach engagement session!

Couple walking on path through beach grass Hardings Beach Chatham, MA Cape Cod

The Knob in Falmouth, MA

Man picking up woman at The Knob, Falmouth, MA Cape Cod

Let’s all just take a collective sigh and admire the beauty that is The Knob. No list for top locations for Cape Cod engagement photos would be complete without it!

Like the other locations on my list, the Knob has several different looks. In my mind this is always a top factor when it comes to choosing a location.

The Knob has a harbor filled with boats, which I love. It boasts a little beach on the side where you can get a good mix of beach grass, rocks, and boats in the backdrop.

And, of course, there’s the hallmark Knob to take pictures. 

While I love walking all the way up to The Knob for a few shots, you’ll find that it’s pretty crowded up there with people settling in to enjoy the sunset. Don’t let this make you panic. In my mind, the best shots are out on the causeway anyway. 

You can see even more examples of The Knob’s beauty and why it’s a perfect spot for a Cape Cod beach engagement session by clicking here!

If you do choose The Knob for an engagement session, just know that parking is extremely limited. I recommend showing up at least an hour and a half before sunset to ensure you get parking. The last time I was there cars were being turned away by security even an hour prior to sunset.

If you can swing it, The Knob is perfect for a sunrise session. You’ll find plenty of parking then, and you won’t be dealing with nearly as many people. I actually had my own anniversary pictures taken at The Knob at sunrise! We headed to Pie in the Sky after for breakfast, and I still dream about the egg sandwich on a bagel that I had there. I think it’s the best one I’ve had in my whole life.

West Dennis Beach in West Dennis, MA

Couple holding hands and walking at West Dennis Beach in West Dennis, MA Cape Cod

This might really, really start to shock someone, but I love West Dennis beach as a top location for Cape Cod engagement photos for it’s different looks! You must be so surprised to hear that, hah!

If you drive allll the way to the end of the very long parking lot, you’ll see where West Dennis Beach mixes with the Bass River. In my opinion, that’s the sweet spot. 

You can get lots of traditional Cape Cod beach engagement session photos on the beach, but if you head towards the brackish water, you also get the beach grass and river views. 

On the opposite end of West Dennis Beach, you’ll also find The Lighthouse Inn. This is also a gorgeous section for sunset photos, so you won’t want to miss this stop on the way out!

Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge in Chatham, MA 

Monomoy National Wildlife Reserve Chatham, MA Cape Cod

Monomoy is hands down the coolest beach I’ve ever been to on Cape Cod, which is why it has to be one of the top locations for Cape Cod engagement photos. 

Since Monomoy is a wildlife refuge, it’s huge! There are walking trails that bring you to lots of different beaches. There are so many different sand bars that you can walk out to. And there’s beach grass, beach trees, and so much more galore!

The water is so blue there that it feels like you’ve left Massachusetts and headed down to the Caribbean. It truly is a hidden gem.

Monomoy has a tiny parking lot, but if you make sure that you are outside of the bounds of the gated community, you can park on the street. 

Monomoy involves the most walking out of all of my recommendations, but it will be worth it. Promise!

Monomoy National Wildlife Reserve Chatham, MA Cape Cod

Thank you so much for checking out my list of top locations for Cape Cod engagement photos! If you’re looking for your own engagement photos, I would love to connect with you. You can click here for my contact form, and then we’ll be in touch before you know it!

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